Welcome To Tennesse T-Trak Associates

We are a group of Tennessee and North Alabama N-Scale modelers forming a T-Trak club or association that will provide education about the importance of railroading both past and present using modular T-Trak exhibits. Participants at our kickoff meeting held October 30, 2021 voted to proceed with the organizational process and to place orders for member sponsored modules.

We are in the early formation stages and realize that many model railroaders seek an opportunity to socialize with fellow modelers while exhibiting their modeling skills to the public.

T-Trak does just that. Its compact tabletop light weight modules allow fast and easy setup in libraries, churches, retirement facilities, and schools in addition to large layout exhibits at model train shows. A complete exhibit can range from one standard 72" x 30" table to a setup that could take an hour or more for the train to traverse.

Our organization is open to folks 12 and older. All participants are expected to contribute time and resources for building modules and participating in displays and shows. However, ownership of trains and control systems is not a requirement. Specific membership rules and operating procedures will be developed by an organizational committee.